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The diabetes medication Actos can cause serious injuries and is the subject of several U.S. Food and Drug (FDA) warnings. The FDA has issued warnings based on the increased risk of bladder cancer and heart failure. Victims of Actos side effects, or their surviving family members, may be eligible to file an Actos lawsuit against the manufacturer. Our Actos lawyers offer free consultations for patients and families who believe they have a claim.

Actos Heart Failure

Since 2007 the FDA has required all oral diabetes medications, which are known as thiazolidinediones, to carry black box warnings about the risk of heart failure. The class of diabetes medications, which includes Actos, has been proven to cause or worsen heart failure in some users. Heart failure is a potentially fatal condition that often requires a heart transplant. Many patients that require a heart transplant are left waiting months or years for a donor heart.

Actos Bladder Cancer Risk

Patients that are diagnosed with bladder cancer after being treated with Actos might also qualify to file a lawsuit, seeking compensation. The FDA notified healthcare providers and patients of the increased risk of bladder cancer after reviewing interim results from a 10-year Actos study in 2011.

Just days before the FDA issued the warning, France and Germany banned the drug due to a French study that also showed a link between the drug and bladder cancer.

The risk of bladder cancer is still being studied. The FDA warning says that anyone taking the drug for more than one year has a greater risk of developing bladder cancer. Bladder cancer symptoms include blood in the urine, frequent and painful urinations, frequent urinary tract infections and lower back pain.

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A lawsuit can help you pay for all medical treatments and compensate you for lost wages, in addition to your pain and suffering. If your loved one has died as a result of their injuries, you might be eligible to file a wrongful death drug lawsuit. While nothing can replace your family member, you can hold the manufacturer accountable, and receive compensation while you try to get on with your life.

For more information about pursuing a lawsuit, contact an Actos attorney for a free case review.

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