Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis

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Hemorrhagic pancreatitis is the form of pancreatitis in which the pancreas is bleeding — in addition to the inflammation that defines pancreatitis. A hemorrhage is the escape of blood from blood vessels; the origin of the term "hemorrhage" is a Greek word, rhegnynai, meaning "to burst forth."

Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis Deaths among Byetta® Users

To date, hemorrhagic pancreatitis is the cause of death reported for two individuals who were using Byetta®, the relatively new treatment for controlling the blood sugar of people with Type 2 diabetes. In August 2008, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strengthened the Byetta® warning label to advise patients of the pancreatitis risk after receiving the two hemorrhagic-pancreatitis fatality reports and four other hospitalizations related to the Byetta® drug. 

More than Thirty Cases of Byetta®-Related Pancreatitis

The FDA stated that Byetta® use should be discontinued immediately if hemorrhagic pancreatitis or another form of pancreatitis is suspected in a Byetta® patient. The FDA had already received 30 reports of acute (sudden-onset) pancreatitis among Byetta® users, although none of these individuals had hemorrhagic pancreatitis. 

A Life-Threatening Condition

Hemorrhagic pancreatitis is a life-threatening condition with a high death rate. Hemorrhagic pancreatitis can also lead to very serious complications, including:

  • heart failure
  • kidney failure
  • acute respiratory distress syndrome 

Hemorrhage from Damaged Blood Vessels

In pancreatitis, it is thought that the digestive enzymes that the pancreas normally releases in an inactive form — e.g., lipases, amylases, trypsin — become active inside the pancreas and attack the tissue of the pancreas itself, often causing a hemorrhage when the inflammation damages the blood vessels. The process of enzymes digesting the site of their own production, the pancreas, in this case, is called "autodigestion." 

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