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Seven patients taking Crestor developed life-threatening rhabdomyolysis only a few months after the FDA approved the drug. Nine patients suffered from severe kidney damage. The patients were taking Crestor to treat high cholesterol. In December of 2004 a 39-year old woman contracted rhabdomyolysis and died. The woman was also taking Crestor for high cholesterol.

The recent Vioxx trial and award has brought drug related lawsuits into the spotlight. Many people may be averse to considering a lawsuit related to Crestor because they might not realize that their symptoms or diseases might be caused by the drug. These people also may not understand their legal rights as patients.

Through our Web site you can contact a lawyer for a free consultation if you or someone you know has suffered from any side effects or diseases while taking Crestor for lowering your cholesterol. The consultation is free. If a law firm agrees to take your case you must realize that there is no cost involved. Crestor related lawsuits work on a contingency basis, which means that you do not pay any money unless you win the suit, and then only out of your settlement.

A person taking Crestor may seek to pursue a Crestor related lawsuit if they have been injured from taking the drug. Crestor has several side effects that manifest themselves in varying degrees of severity. You could develop rhabdomyolysis, a serious form of muscle disease in which your muscles decay and flood your blood with substances which may cause kidney failure and death. You could also develop serious side effects by taking Crestor with medicines such as Cyclosporine, Warfarin, and Gemfibrozil.

AstraZeneca, the maker of Crestor, recently relabeled its medicine with warnings regarding its use. They say that people of Asian descent should take a lower dose of Crestor than others because of the risks associated with the drug.

Two main lawsuits can be filed against Crestor. One is an individual lawsuit, such as the recent Vioxx lawsuit. The other is a class action lawsuit, where Crestor can be sued by a large number of people seeking monetary compensation for their damages. In a class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs will share in the settlement awarded.

One thing to pay attention to is the statute of limitations in a Crestor lawsuit. People seeking aid in the form of a Crestor lawsuit will have to do so within the state appointed time, or else they will not be able to recoup the damages. Crestor lawsuits generally start from either the time the side effects were diagnosed, or the time of death was pronounced.

In all cases a Crestor related lawsuit should be sought after if there are distinct side effects arising from taking the drug, or while on the drug. A Crestor lawsuit begins here, with your free consultation with one of our certified lawyers and their staff. The legal teams all specialize in Crestor related lawsuits and drug damage recoveries.

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