Pradaxa® Suit Filed for Bleeding Death

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Pradaxa® has been linked to life-threatening bleeding events, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to keep the drug on the market. The agency issued a safety announcement last year to notify health care providers and patients of its plan to evaluate reports to determine the seriousness of bleeding events in Pradaxa® patients.

In the meantime, lawsuits against Boehringer, the maker of Pradaxa®, are being filed on behalf of affected patients and families. In fact, a lawsuit was recently filed on behalf of daughters who claim their mother died from intracranial hemorrhage that could not be stopped because she was taking Pradaxa®.

Loraine Franklin, a Pradaxa® patient, fell in her kitchen, hit her head, and died within 24 hours from intracranial hemorrhage.

According to the suit, what would have been a bad headache and a concussion ended up in death. Her daughters claim that Pradaxa®, which she was taking for atrial fibrillation, prevented the doctors from being able to control the bleeding in her brain, leading to her death.

Her daughters also claim that if Franklin had been taking Coumadin (what she was taking before switching to Pradaxa®), she would still be alive.

Uncontrollable bleeding events are of great concern in Pradaxa® patients. But, like Franklin’s daughters charge, patients haven’t been adequately warned about the risk.

People in opposition to the drug claim that although Pradaxa® has many advantages, the fact that there is no reversal agent to stop Pradaxa® bleeding events puts many people’s lives at risk.


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