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NuvaRing is vaginal contraceptive ring introduced in 2001 by Organon pharmaceuticals. The device has caused a number of women to experience serious side effects. Woman who have suffered injuries after using the birth control contraceptive, may file a NuvaRing lawsuit.

NuvaRing has been reported to cause some women to develop blood clots and related complications, including:

  • deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a condition in which blood clots block healthy blood flow in the body's deep veins, resulting in inflammation and pain
  • heart attack
  • pulmonary embolism, a potentially fatal condition in which blood clots lodge in the lungs' major arteries and severely hinder breathing
  • stroke

To date, over 37 women have died after developing NuvaRing related complications. Hundreds more have experienced serious injuries, some of which have been known to cause irreversible damage.

Given the serious nature of NuvaRing complications, it's vital that all NuvaRing users familiarize themselves with the types and symptoms of NuvaRing side effects. Should any NuvaRing user begin experiencing health problems after using this contraceptive device, she should:

  • seek emergency medical care to prevent further complications
  • stop using NuvaRing and find an alternative method of birth control
  • meet with a personal injury lawyer (following stabilization of her health) to learn more about her rights and evaluate whether she wants to start a NuvaRing lawsuit

History of NuvaRing Lawsuits

Despite being available for over seven years, NuvaRing has only recently become the basis of personal injury lawsuits against drug maker, Organon. In fact, the first-ever NuvaRing lawsuit was filed in March 2008 by Robert Bozicev, a New Jersey man whose wife died after using NuvaRing in December 2007.

According to official court documents, Jackie Kelly Bozicev (Robert's 32-year old wife) died after experiencing severe seizures caused by massive blood clots in her lungs (pulmonary embolism). Bozicev and his lawyers allege that Jackie was in perfect health prior to using NuvaRing and that NuvaRing was responsible for her development of fatal blood clots.

Consequently, Bozicev is seeking damages for Organon's reckless and negligent distribution of NuvaRing. According to the lawsuit, the defendant company knew about NuvaRing's serious complications and failed to alert both the FDA and consumers about these potential health problems.

Since Bozicev first filed his suit nearly a year ago, 50 other NuvaRing lawsuits have been filed against Organon. Settlements for these NuvaRing lawsuits have yet to be reached or publicly disclosed.

How to Start a NuvaRing Lawsuit

To get a NuvaRing lawsuit started, affected women (or their families) should set up a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer experienced in filing NuvaRing lawsuits. During this initial meeting, prospective plaintiffs can:

  • learn more about their legal rights
  • get advice about their case
  • evaluate their chances of winning a NuvaRing lawsuit
  • find out more about the process of pursuing a personal injury claim

To encourage afflicted women to pursue their cases, most lawyers will work on contingency, meaning that plaintiffs won't have to pay for legal services until (or unless) they win their case.

While it may take some time to win a NuvaRing lawsuit, as legal bureaucracies can delay immediate results, those who follow through with their legal claims will win compensation to help them pay for medical bills, as well as their pain and suffering.

Start Your NuvaRing Lawsuit Today

If you or someone you love has been injured or died as a result of NuvaRing, contact us immediately to speak with a qualified personal injury attorney who has experience in successfully handling NuvaRing lawsuits. Our attorneys will thoroughly evaluate your situation and fight to recover compensation for your physical, emotional and financial losses.

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