Propecia® (Finasteride)

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Propecia® is a brand name medication containing the drug finasteride. It is best known as a treatment for male pattern baldness, but is also used to treat an enlarged prostate. It works by blocking the hormone which is in part responsible for an enlarged prostate and baldness. Unfortunately, this treatment also affects libido, sperm count and causes impotence.

The side effects of taking a regular dosage of Propecia® have been known to result in erectile dysfunction, low libido and low sperm count. However, these side effects were thought to be dependent on the continued use of the drug, meaning they would cease if the dosage of Propecia® was discontinued. A new study has found that not only can impotence and other sexual side effects continue after stopping treatment, the side effects may in fact be permanent.

Propecia® & Risks

Many Propecia® users have complained of allergic reactions which result in rash, itching, hives and swelling of the lips and face. Some men also experience unusual side effects that can include breast enlargement and tenderness, nipple discharge, testicular pain and problems with ejaculation.

According to Merck, the manufacturer of Propecia®, less than 2 percent of all men who take the drug will experience sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, low libido and decreased sperm count. Results from a new study show otherwise.

Propecia® & Sexual Side Effects

The manufacturer also claims that the impotence and low libido from Propecia® use will cease when treatment ends. A new study published in March 2011 suggests that the effects could actually be persistent and even permanent. The study results also show that percentage of men affected by erectile dysfunction might be higher than what Merck claims.

The study, conducted by an assistant professor of medicine at George Washington University, focused on men between the ages of 21 and 46 years old who were affected by the medication. It found that 94 percent developed low libido and 92 percent developed erectile dysfunction. The average length of treatment with Propecia® was 28 months, but the sexual side effects persisted for an average of 40 months after ceasing treatment with the drug.

The study also found that 20 percent of the men studied experienced impotence and other sexual dysfunctions for more than five years. Persistent symptoms open up the possibility that the side effects could be permanent in some users. If you’ve been seriously affected by the use of this medication, contact a Propecia® lawyer today. We can help you seek justice and financial compensation from Merck through a legal claim.

Propecia News

Propecia® Side Effects Last Long After Use

August 29, 2012

The Los Angeles Times reported earlier this month that using the hair loss medication Propecia® can lead to side effects such as depression and sexual dysfunction. According to the article, these side effects can last long after the person stops taking the medication. Dr. Michael … Full Story

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