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On February 26, 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandated that Schwarz Pharma, the maker of Reglan® medication, include "black box" warnings on all Reglan® packaging.

Reglan®, generically known as metoclopramide, is a medication used to treat various gastrointestinal disorders, including:

  • diabetic gastroparesis, slow emptying of the stomach into the intestines
  • gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD, also known as gastric reflux), the backup of stomach acid into the esophagus
  • heartburn
  • hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness that impairs a pregnant woman from getting the nutrients she needs
  • lactation problems in recent mothers
  • nausea and vomiting (including when it results from chemotherapy).

However, findings of severe Reglan® side effects have:

  • caused patients to develop serious health complications
  • resulted in Reglan® deaths (in rare cases)
  • caused the FDA to apply its most serious warning to Reglan® medicines
  • led to a number of Reglan® lawsuits.

Those injured after taking Reglan® should meet with an experienced Reglan® lawyer to learn more about their legal rights and find out if they are entitled to a settlement for their injuries and losses.

Serious Reglan® Side Effects

Serious health complications that have been associated with use of Reglan® include:

  • agranulocytosis, low levels of white blood cells (If left untreated, agranulocytosis can result in osteoporosis and other irreversible conditions.)
  • aldosteronism, a condition in which the adrenal glands produce excessive hormones and cause low blood-potassium levels (If left untreated, aldosteronism can be fatal, as it may result in heart attack, heart failure, stroke or kidney failure.)
  • depression and/or suicidal thoughts
  • hallucinations
  • jaundice
  • neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), a life-threatening neurological condition marked by delirium, fever and muscle rigidity
  • seizures
  • severe allergic reaction
  • tachycardia, an arrhythmia marked by increased heart rate
  • tardive dyskinesia, involuntary, repetitive writhing movements affecting the face, trunk and/or limbs.

Reglan® patients will experience any of the following symptoms upon developing serious side effects of this medication:

  • anxiety and/or agitation
  • convulsions
  • delirium
  • fever
  • increased heartbeats
  • jitters
  • loss of consciousness
  • restlessness
  • tremors
  • uncontrollable movements in the eyes, tongue, jaw and/or neck.

It's vital that patients seek emergency medical attention upon developing the above symptoms of severe Reglan® side effects.

FDA's Reglan® Warning

Black box warnings are the most serious type of FDA warning, as they highlight a medication's potential to cause fatal complications.

Additionally, black box warnings are the last step before the FDA issues a full-fledged recall of a medicine.

While Reglan® has not yet been recalled by the FDA, the FDA's recent Reglan® warning speaks to the possibility that a Reglan® recall may occur in the near future upon further reports of serious Reglan® side effects and/or Reglan® deaths.

Compensation for Reglan® Injuries

Patients injured after taking Reglan®, as well as families of deceased Reglan® patients, should meet with a personal injury lawyer for a thorough evaluation of their claim and expert advice regarding the best manner in which to pursue their case.

To encourage prospective plaintiffs to seek the settlements they deserve, Reglan® attorneys offer initial consultations for free and will delay payment for their services until or unless the case is won.

If You Have Been Injured by Reglan®

Have you or a loved one been injured after using Reglan®? If so, contact us to speak with an experienced Reglan® Attorney who specializes in drug recall litigation & lawsuits. Let us help you win the compensation you need and deserve.

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