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In October 2002, J&J sent Canadian physicians and pharmacists Risperdal® warning letters that cited 37 reports of stroke or stroke-like events such as blood clots and hemorrhages that included 16 deaths. The Canadian Risperdal® warning letter also noted that two clinical trials of elderly dementia patients in which elderly Risperdal® dementia patients had a higher proportion of strokes or related events than patients that had received placebo. Risperdal® clinical trials have shown that 4% of Risperdal® patients suffered stroke or stroke-related events, opposed to just 2% of people receiving placebos. There were four Risperdal® deaths and just on death amongst placebo recipients.

Any Risperdal® patients should be aware of potential Risperdal® side effects. Some patients will have an increased risk for suffering Risperdal® side effects due to individual traits. Elderly Risperdal® patients have an increased risk of suffering from strokes according to clinical Risperdal® studies and should become aware of the signs and symptoms to prevent side effects from worsening. If sudden weakness or numbness in the face, arms, or legs are experienced or speech and vision problems occur, Risperdal® stroke could be occurring. Immediate doctor consultation should be sought and contact us to receive more information from a Risperdal® stroke lawyer.

The use of Risperdal® is dangerous not only because of the serious and deadly Risperdal® side effects linked to the antipsychotic medication, but because Risperdal® may disguise signs and symptoms of other conditions. Risperdal® use can cover the presence of Risperdal® overdose, intestinal obstruction, brain tumor, and Reyes syndrome.

For more information on Risperdal® deaths please contact us to confer with a Risperdal® lawyer.

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